Designer`s Blog Cuadrado: Angelo Luiggi

We recently had the great pleasure to speak with renowned Interior Designer Angelo Luiggi. One of Cuadrado Showroom`s & Design Center customers with his inventive uses of our flooring products. He shares with us some insight in his work and some word of advice for all up coming designers in the market.

Angelo Luiggi brings over 30 years of experience in commercial and residential interior design. Based in his native San Juan, Puerto Rico, his office serves the Caribbean market. Angelo Luiggi has built an established company and a trademark that is recognized in the interior design industry. His career in interior design has paralleled his contribution to the media. He produced segments for leading television and radio programs for over a decade. He has made strides in the education of the public in the importance of an interior designer’s advice for a better quality of life. The design encompasses everything
that he loves: people, history, travel and traditions. Currently, he is developing an
innovative guidence service of one hour denominated as Conceptual
Consultancy, aimed at helping the owners of residences and comercial spaces.

How would you describe your design aesthetic

In my designs, aesthetics represents my client and revolves around the role
of each space.

What would you say are your main design influences?
My inspiration is based on the characteristics, personality, tastes and preferences of my clients. It also influences the exterior and architectural environment of the space.

How do you use design to change the way people use space?
Deep research, interviewing and researching the everyday behavior of people who live in the place to make use every square foot is practical and cost – effective. Often, people are limited by traditional distributions that do not fit their lifestyle.

The assessment and self confidence is demonstrated by the flexibility and flow in the design process

What have been some of your career highlights?
The experience of making the interiors of a house in 21 days for a surprise for my client’s wife. This was achieved by directing up to 33 people simultaneously in one day. Two joiners were hired, and one of these moved his workshop to the balcony area.

Another important experience was to develop a residential project inspired by the interiors of two residences designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The Fallingwater and Robie House.

What would be your dream project?
Now that dream was fulfilled when a project with a wonderful team, my client full confidence in my designs and a large budget. In this project different local artists and craftsmen were integrated.
All areas were painted with assorted fresh. Turnings and carvings were made of wood, plus molded marble fountains and arches worked. Stained glass and bronze sculptures were commissioned, among other unique details.

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned that you would share with future Designers or design aficionados?

I would tell a future designer: The assessment and self confidence is demonstrated by the flexibility and flow in the design process. Things fall under its own weight.

Angelo Luiggi – Website /Email