Our Favorite Area Rugs from Loloi

An area rug gives life to any room in addition to adding warmth and shape to the design of any room. Some popular tendencies make us believe we must choose a carpet that is subtle in color/ design to best fit our room but new design trends are taking this old way of thinking and putting it on it`s head. No longer the area rug is the timid brown color, now it becomes the center piece of a room with bold patterns and vivid colors. It brings extra life to the room, adds a design element better than any artwork, defines a space and gives comfort under foot.

Take for example the colorful designs loloi area rugs have available in Cuadrado Alfombras Showroom & Design Center. These collections with different color palettes and designs demonstrate these modern trends with a fusion of classic styles.

Here are some of our favorite collections from this line.